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Foolscap is in the final stages of planning and here are some panels you will want to prepare for!

Music: Food

Lander777 at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


We will be spinning up some evening music to the theme of “Food.” Like Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles. Send in suggestions via this form or bring them in person. Great music videos are half the fun. Watch in person or remotely via Zoom!

Foolscap Reading Group (Live at Foolscap 2023): Station Eleven. Theme: “I didn’t know that was science fiction…”

Foolscap Reading Group

Foolscap Reading Group’s August meeting will take place during Foolscap 2023 on Saturday, August 19th.  We will discuss Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel both in person and via Zoom — but you will need a membership to join the conversation.

The theme this month is “I didn’t know that was science fiction…”: books marketed in other genres but are really SF/F.  You know, like Replay by Ken Grimwood, Time And Again by Jack Finney, Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy, and Brave New World by Adlous Huxley. I bet if you drill down deep enough, you could argue that even Shakespeare wrote science fiction.

So, if you’re interested in these sorts of cross-genre books and would like to explore Station Eleven with a group of like-minded readers, head to and register for this year’s convention!

Tool Time

Knapped Flint Tools

What is your favorite tool for your hobby? Which is the best microphone for your stream? Which needles make the best sweater? Which chisel fits your hand? Does your grandmother's cast iron skillet make the best Dutch Baby? We'll take turns describing beloved tools; feel free to bring your own favorite along to share. (If you bring it in person, you can check it at the registration desk until the panel)

Fountain Pen Patent US68445

Register Now and Don't Run Out of Food

Auburn Community and Event Center

We are asking folks to sign up in advance for several reasons. First, we’d like to know approximately how many people are coming so we can get enough food, tables, and chairs for everyone. Second, the venue has requested that no cash be collected onsite, so we need to use our online link to get y’all registered (you can purchase a membership “at the door” but it will just be online at the Registration table). Third, it will make your check-in easier. And last, have I mentioned the snacks? So, [Register for Foolscap here](