Foolscap 2023 “Program Book” Information

All Things Table

Tucked into a corner of the Commons, you’ll find several tables set up to create a semi-private space that is acting as a control center for our con. It’s where someone on the ConCom will be hanging out, keeping an eye on things, and helping our members. Here are some of the things this space will accommodate:
1. Cloak Room
If you have items you’ve brought and don’t feel like carrying them around all day, feel free to drop them off here. We will give you have of a playing card—please hold on to this (inside the back of your badge sleeve works a treat!) so we can return your items to you when you are ready for them. If you bring Tools for the Tool Time panel, feel free to have us hold them for you.
2. Game & Puzzle Library
We will have board games and jigsaw puzzles you can check out and play with others. Odds are a jigsaw or two will be set out and everyone can work on them all day… We will request your driver’s license as surety—simply return the game when you’re done!
3. Registration
After the con gets rolling, we will be moving Registration to this spot (probably around 2 pm). If you see anyone roaming around without a badge, direct them to the All Things Table and we’ll take care of them!
4. Music Requests
If you didn’t get your music request in before the day of the con, stop by here and drop off your requests. We will make sure they get to Jason in time!

Masking Policy

As mentioned in one of our earlier newsletters, the Foolscap Board decided to require masks to be worn at all time except while eating/drinking and when outdoors. There has been an uptick in Covid cases lately, with a new variant, so we’d like everyone to be safe. If you don’t feel comfortable being with others, consider getting a membership and hanging out with us on Zoom. Half of our programming will be streamed from noon till 10 pm, including the music and meme game.


Unlike our previous in person events, Hospitality will have access to a commercial kitchen and food will be allowed everywhere except in the Zoom room (site rules!). That being said, and with masks being required except while eating and drinking, we are providing a “cafe” space set up in half of the Commons and outside. There will be tables and chairs in the cafe and out on the patio space. We will also have several pavilions set up to help block the sun while outside. We won’t have any meal breaks like we usually have, so we encourage you to take advantage of our Hospitality team’s selections.

Magic Book Box

We will have a table for our traditional book exchange. If you have books you no longer want to read and would like them to go to a new appreciative home, bring them and drop them off at the book table. And if you see any books you’d like to take home, grab ‘em! If you don’t want to carry them around, use the Cloak Room…


Despite this being a shorter than usual con, we really could use some help! We don’t have access to the space until an hour before the con starts, so we really need more hands to help us set up tables, chairs, pavilions, and more. Most of the ConCom will be arriving at 10 am to set up the outside area, then moving indoors at 11 am to set up the four rooms inside. At the end of the con, we have an hour to break down our own stuff and get it outside. During the con, we could use some help at the All Things Table, too. If you’d like to help out, drop us an email or arrive at the site around 10 am — we will love to see you!


We’re really hoping to have people preregister this year. The site has requested no cash to be collected at the entries, so we will be handling everything online. Even if you pay when you arrive, it will be online. We have a Pay What You Want scale with a $40 suggested price for the in person con. Arrivals at the event before 2 pm will find a table in the lobby where they can check in and get their badge and schedule. After 2 pm, the Registration will be in the Commons at the All Things Table.