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Are We The Baddies?: What If you disagree with the author on who the good guys are? Maybe monarchy isn't the best system…

Games: Codenames: We've been playing games online for years -- come join us in person!

Bring Us Your Best: What have you read this year that you loved? Any good movies? New discoveries?

Film Festivals 101: What are the good local festivals? What makes a film festival "good"? How are they structured and how do newbies and experts approach them?

Cozy Horror: What are the boundaries? How do you keep the warm fuzzies while also maintaining the spine tingles? What types of horror are or aren’t cozy compatible?

Nerding in Real Life: Running to Mordor? Cookies in the Death Star? Playing Quidditch professionally?

Math Is Good Clean Fun: Get your hands dirty -- or is that clean? -- and find out what bubbles can tell us about 3D geometry.

Tool Time: What is your favorite tool for your hobby? Which is the best microphone for your stream? Which needles make the best sweater? Which chisel fits your hand? Does your grandmother's cast iron skillet make the best Dutch Baby? We'll take turns describing beloved tools; feel free to bring your own favorite along to share.

Foolscap Reading Group: Station Eleven; “I didn’t know that was SF…”: Genre books that can pass as "regular books." Are they in discussion with genre books? Does it matter if they aren’t?

Coffee (and Tea) Break: Join us for an educational afternoon break! We’ll be serving coffee, tea and snacks — and also demonstrating various methods for making coffee and talking about their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll show how to make syrups and a couple of uses for them, talk about types of tea, and nibble tasty things.

Showing Darkness Clearly: A lot of authors address psychological horror about social injustices through their genre work -- dark magical realism, horror, fantasy, etc. What are the strengths and pitfalls of tackling these topics this way?

Future of Foolscap: Where are we going?

Starter Books: For given authors, what are good starter books? Books that give a sense of whether you'd like their work. Ayn Rand? Anthem. Asimov? Heinlein? Walton did a series that was just lists.

Flimsy World Building, Strong Book: Possible Together?: OK, world building is important. But sometimes authors aren't interested in the details. What are examples of books with thin world building but that were still enjoyable? (SF Romance. Harry Potter. Most magical medieval settings.)

Fermenting: It's ALIVE! And we can eat it.

Dune and Dune Again: Dune has had several adaptations now. How does the comparison show changes in societal attitudes? Especially attitudes towards appropriation, drugs, and chosen ones?

Is the Meta-Verse Move-In Ready?: Virtual Avatars and the Meta-verse -- Who's really driving it, where are they taking it, and how can I get on?

Secret Gems: What great books or movies has no one but you ever heard of?

Board Games: Music too loud? We've put out our favorite board game for a quieter time.

Music: A curated hour of music around food and food bringing people together, then extended by suggestions from the members. Bring your link to music.