🚀Captain's Log, Stardate 48634.44, USS Foolscap (ANS-42)🚀

Thanks for coming to Foolscap 2020! It wouldn't have been possible without all the great members. I would like to send special thanks out to Cherie, Karen, Tom, Jeff, Beth, Steven, Jeff, Jason, Wing, Stefanie, Lile, Kathleen, Alexander, Manny, Edd, Theresa, Nicole.

I expect 2021 to be even better, and I signed on for another year to help make that happen.

In for a penny, in for a pound!

Foolscap Captain Douglas Beal in Folded Paper Boat Hat with Eyes
✒️Captain Douglas Beal

🗳 Report in from Foolscap - Send in Your Feedback 🗳

We heard from a lot of you at Foolscap, but I know how busy it can be! Send in your kudos, feedback, and suggestions to info@foolscap.org.

🥳Report from Foolscap

Paper Schedule Grid on Wall
Schedule Grid on Wall

Cabaret 🥳

Our brand new Foolscap Cabaret was a hit! Definitely watch for this to return next year. Wing and Jason co-MCed while filkers and storytellers took the stage. Our Guest of Honor read a short story about aliens and iron lungs. Tom Whitmore pelted the audience with trivia questions, then pelted correct answerers with candy. In the midst of it all we held the Auction -- a sword, a magnificent trophy (or was it a milkshake cup?), a tri-dimensional chess set and another wacky hat were among the items sent home with the highest bidder. Rounds of "I've Got a Secret" hosted and moderated by Dave Howell carried us into the night.


John and Marilyn Playing
John and Marilyn Playing


Shark Hat Attacks
Shark Hat Attacks

Sabre Auction

Kazoo Auction

The Jester

Sipping a Jester
Beth Sipping a Jester

✒ Pen & Paper & Ink ✒

Fluorescing Ink
Sailor Highlighter Ink Fluorescing under UV Light

📚Thank You to Cherie Priest📚

A warm thank you to our Guest of Honor Cherie Priest, who provided countless conversations, a rich interview full of personal notes and insights on writing, and a guide to a hazardous hobby, as well as winning our poetry slam and revealing her hidden TV celebrity status.


Table at Norwescon


We will be at Norwescon 43: "The Longest Night" on April 9–12, 2020 in SeaTac, WA. Stop by and say Hi! The Hat may make another appearance.

📆Foolscap 2021 - February 12-14th📆

Foolscap 2021 will take place February 12-14 at the Hilton Seattle Airport.