Foolscap 2020 Programming

Jump into the most exciting part of the Foolscap experience: giving your fellow Foolscap members the best panel experiences of their lives! Come up with an idea and propose it. Invite fellow panelists, let us suggest a few — or open the discussion to the entire convention. This is one of the best parts of having a small convention of creatives and we know you’ll enjoy it.

Saturday night the Foolscap Cabaret will turn the Commons into a variety show with a Foolscap-themed twist. If you have ideas for performances, participatory games, or anything else that might raise a smile, let us know by filling out the programming survey.

We're also still accepting programming submissions in advance of the con! If you have any ideas for a program item that might benefit from pre-planning, fill out our survey, or get in touch with us at If your program item is selected, expect to hear back from us starting next week — as is traditional for Foolscap, we're trying hard to fit in as many of the suggested items as we can!

🏨 Book Hotel Rooms by Friday, January 10th

Last chance to book your rooms! Join us at the Sea-Tac Hilton and don't worry about driving home.  Visit the Foolscap website or use code Foolscap20 to get our special rate.

Dealer Sneak Peak

This year we welcome dealers including Book Universe (with books from our favorite authors and GoHs); Bellingham publisher Broken Eye Books (get your copy of Spencer Ellsworth’s subversive fantasy The Great Faerie Strike); Chibi Yeti (purveyors of cute nerd fashion); and Item Woodworks, with boxes, holders and organizers for dice, cards, tabletop and roleplaying games.

✍️Writing Workshops

Foolscap writing workshops are free with your Foolscap membership. To reserve your spot, email

Friday afternoon workshop [2:30 to 5:00] : “Two Heads, Four Hands, One Story”
Find out how working (and selling) writers have collaborated. Three writers discuss their experience writing both short stories and novels, and provide several exercises that will get you working together.
Instructors: Manny Frishberg, Amy Thomson and Edd Vick

Saturday afternoon workshop [2:00 to 4:30]: “Make Magic: Write, then Read It Aloud — a Workshop with Two Hour Transport”
There’s something magical about reading new work aloud. In the first hour of this workshop you will read a short story by a well-known author and write a piece of flash fiction, or a longer scene, that responds to the story in some way. In the second half of the workshop you will perform what you have written and we will give you guidance on how to use the mic, proper posture, and eye contact. Participants should expect to come ready to read, write, and perform.
Instructors: Nicole Bade and Theresa J. Barker

🚋 Light Rail Weekend Tunnel Closure on Feb 8-9 Service 😞

Thanks to Nick Fraser for sending in this transit tip!

Foolscap is right across the street from the SeaTac / Airport Station on Link Light Rail (there is even an overpass!).
In addition to 12 minute train intervals and a change of trains at Pioneer Square, the tunnel will be closed on certain weekends (Feb 8-9 falling during Foolscap) between Capitol Hill and SODO, requiring catching a Shuttle Bus. Find more details at connect2020 soundtransit

📆 Foolscap 2020 - Feb 7-9

Signed: Captain Doug and ConCom