Foolscap 2022 runs this weekend, March 25-27! Here’s a sneak peek at the food-related panels you can find there.

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Coffee Clash

Moka pots? Chemexes? AeroPresses? What mad science are these things? Never fear! Steven Stadnicki provides a beyond-the-basics rundown of the many ways of preparing Seattle’s signature beverage: coffee.

Sunday Brunch

Continuing the tradition started last year, Steven Stadnicki invites you into his kitchen to show you how to make a brunch staple. This year it’s omelets. If you want to cook along at home, you’ll need a nonstick skillet, a mixing bowl plus a whisk or fork, whatever mix-ins you want to add, and, of course, eggs! We’ll give you the recipe, some techniques, and a few general kitchen tips along the way.


Food has been perishable for far longer than refrigeration has existed. Pickling, fermenting and other techniques to preserve and enhance food have been developed for centuries and are still valuable today. Come learn how you can benefit from ancient culinary science in your very own kitchen.