🚀Captain's Log, Stardate 47634.44, USS Foolscap (ANS-42)🚀


I had a great time at Foolscap 2019, and I appreciate all of you who helped make it a great weekend. Particular thanks to Nancy Kress, our wonderful GoH who really embraced the spirit of Foolscap. I had good discussions, learned some things, picked up some good books and even more good book recommendations, and even managed to put in a few puzzle pieces.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to serve you as Captain for the past two years. I’m handing on the Captaincy to Doug Beal, who makes everything work better, so I’m expecting to enjoy Foolscap 2020 even more. See you all next year!

-Retiring Captain Beth Mitcham

🚀Captain's Log, Stardate 47634.44, USS Foolscap (ANS-42)🚀

Foolscap came to my attention when Ursula Vernon mentioned she was the GoH in 2015. But it captured my heart with panels like "Lawn Crayfish are Real (and other weird nature stuff)" and "Craft 'n Meet". Soon I was helping with tear down, decompressing at a post con meal, and helping out on the concom. In my eyes, Open Programming really elevates the experience at Foolscap from other conventions.
We weathered some rough times together and came through stronger. I look forward to continuing Foolscap's proud traditions.

-Freshly Minted Captain Douglas Beal

📆 Foolscap 2020 - Save the Date - Feb 7-9 📆

Foolscap 2020 will return to the Hilton Seattle Airport on the second weekend in February (7th through 9th).

🎉Applause for Nancy Kress 🎉

We’d like to thank Nancy Kress for her graceful turn as Foolscap Guest of Honor. She managed to out-Foolscap Foolscap with her reading and ensuing discussion of the roles of stories in affirming or challenging our ethical worldviews. As fitting for our theme of Coming of Age, Nancy provides a great example of adulthood both in her works and in her personality. I hope I grow up to be cool like her!

🎙 The Voices of Foolscap 🎙 Podcast Teaser

Listen to a short preview of the new Foolscap podcast. Start By Looking Back: First Bite

🚧Participate in Building Foolscap🚧

Foolscap is a small convention, but it still needs a committee to make it happen. Please join our convention committee March 6th (or April 3rd) in Queen Anne! Our concom is particularly in need of someone who knows how to communicate on social media, or how to do publicity in general. If you want to help out in that or any other capacity, or just to watch for a year to see if there is anything you are interested in, come join us! Send an email to volunteers@foolscap.org for meeting details. 🍬


  • Outgoing Foolscap Captain Beth Mitcham
  • Incoming Foolscap Captain Douglas Beal