Quick Schedule Highlights

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3pm Registation Begins
6pm Dinner
8pm Opening Ceremonies and BYOM
12 BYOM ends


10am DIY Crafting: Clay
10am Writer’s Workshop “Journaling for Writers”
12pm Lunch
2pm Nancy Kress - Guest of Honor Panel
2pm Writer’s Workshop “Writing Tight but Epic”
4pm Maker Panel: Needlecraft +
8pm “Oz: the Untold Story” - a musical


12 Bite of Foolscap
1:30pm Auction
3:00pm Deconstructing Foolscap
3:30pm Dealers & Art Show Closes
7:00pm Foolscap Decompression Dinner

What to Bring

BYOM - Bring Your Own Music

We really enjoyed last year’s music party, and we’d like to do it again. Please be on the lookout for songs to bring to our BYOM event on Friday night. We’ll provide some snacks and you bring the tunes.

Open Space Generation

Do you have some good ideas for panel discussions? Did another con have a panel that left all the questions unanswered? Did you discover something amazing this year that everyone needs to know more about? Do you have nebulous ideas that only intelligent conversation will bring into the light? Do you have a rant that needs honing? Bring these ideas to to Foolscap and present them at the program planning session. (You can present them in person or just turn them in for others to read).

Open Space Generation is at 11:00 AM on Saturday!

Special One-Day Rates

Got friends who are still on the fence about Foolscap? Bring them down to try it!

We don’t want money to be the thing that keeps folks from being a part of the community at Foolscap, so this year we’re piloting sliding scale one-day memberships.

Our one-day memberships are $25, but this year we’re making them available on site only on a sliding scale basis, for any amount of $10 or more. Bring your friends! Come spend a day with us and learn what makes Foolscap unique!

Ribbons Galore now carries pronoun ribbons as a standard item

You saw it here first! But if you want to see it elsewhere, you can order them at Ribbons Galore. The story of the design can be found at http://www.pronounribbons.org

Get your Foolscap membership

email workshop@foolscap.org to register for the workshop.

Signed: Foolscap Captain and First Officer, Beth Mitcham and Douglas Beal

First appeared in a newsletter