Our busy weekend of participatory programming means that just about anything can happen — and usually does! But we do anchor the weekend with some pre-set events and ongoing activities that everyone can count on.


The heart of Foolscap is the Commons, an open space where ideas and connections are created. It's where you'll get your badge at the start of the convention and where you'll go between panels. It's where you'll find comfortable chairs and tables to play games or hang out with new friends. Announcements, mixers, crafting, and quiet reading all happen here.

During daytime hours, the Commons expands to include the adjoining Dealers Room and Art Show.

A Culture of Sharing
Friends share books. It's a simple tradition: If you've got a book that you're ready to pass on, leave it for someone else. If you find a book you want to read, it's yours. We started with a box of them and called it the Magic Book Box. Over the years, the "box" has grown — it fills several shelves now, and not everything in it is a book. We share albums and art supplies, games, and tea. But the spirit is simple and expansive.

Friends share food. Communities have eaten together as long as we have been recording history. When we create Foolscap's schedule, we leave ample pauses for lunch and dinner — long enough to get a full meal and a conversation.

Friends share playtime. Foolscap has a large and growing library of popular board games free for the loaning in the Commons, from simple family classics like Scrabble to the latest European award-winners and everything inbetween.

Art Show

The Foolscap Art Show reflects our playful interests in science fiction, fantasy, comics and invention. We showcase good work, introduce new artists, and feature new material. Our Art Show features established talents in fantastic art alongside new creators, and we welcome a diversity of genres and media.

Most of the artwork is available for sale and many of the artists will be at the convention.

Interested in being part of the Foolscap Art Show? Check out our information for artists and contact us at artshow@foolscap.org with any questions.


Books, comics, games, jewelry, artwork, clothing, costumes, and collectibles — our Dealers Room is a mix of familiar shops and new vendors. Express your playful creativity on your body and in your home and support local creators and businesses at the same time. If you hear about a must-read book at one of the panels or play a new game in the Commons on Friday night, chances are you'll be able to buy that book or game from one of our dealers. Our 2020 dealers are: Book Universe, Chibi Yeti, Broken Eye Books, Tween Trickets and Item Woodworks.

Interested in selling at Foolscap? Check out our information for dealers and contact us at dealers@foolscap.org with any questions.


Hospitality is our open kitchen. We don't just create space and time for food; we feed every member of the convention. Hospitality is open each day of the convention, whenever panels are running and into the night. We serve home-cooked food in Hospitality: hot tea and bread, meats, spreads, snacks and sweets. Our members bring food to share, and the whole community supports Hospitality. No one should go hungry at Foolscap.

Writing Workshops

Foolscap's writing workshops are an opportunity for members to learn from some of the many skilled authors in our community, and they're a great way to include some creative work in your weekend.

Visit the workshop page at Foolscap.org to register for the workshops and see detailed session descriptions and instructor bios.


Proceeds from the Foolscap auction enable us to underwrite community outreach activities and offer low-cost admission to students and new members. Come bid on jewelry, artwork, rare books, and SF, fantasy and geek-themed items — or just come to watch the show! We've put rubber chickens, a tiny pool table, and even the con chair's dignity on sale in the past, but you'll have to be there to find out what surprises we have in store this year.