Feb. 7‐9, 2020
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Foolscap Writing Workshops

To register for the Saturday, Feb. 3, Foolscap Writing Workshops

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Past Sessions

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Workshop Sessions for 2019

We are pleased to welcome for 2019 instructors A.J. Hackwith ("Journaling for Writers and Other Creatives") and Spencer Ellsworth ("Writing Short But Epic").

10 - noon

Journaling for Writers and Other Creatives: How to make a system that works for you

Instagram is full of beautiful-looking examples of organizing your life, but it all can be a bit intimidating: bullet journals, commonplace books, planners, washi tape, and more. What is actually useful? What will actually help you keep track of your creative work, generate ideas, and even create more? We'll get down to the brass tacks with a review of these systems and talk about how to build a notebook system that works for you, whether you're a writer, artist, or maker. Amanda Hackwith will share samples (both pretty and ugly) from her own years of journaling as a professional writer. Bring a notebook, and leave with some goodies to get you started!

Note: please bring a notebook (any will do!) and pen or pencil to this workshop and be prepared to start scribbling!

Instructor: A.J. Hackwith

A.J. Hackwith is a queer writer of fantasy and science fiction living in Seattle. She has a fantasy trilogy with Ace books, and the first in the series, THE LIBRARY OF THE UNWRITTEN is out in Fall 2019. She also writes a sci-fi romance series as Ada Harper. She is a graduate of the Viable Paradise writer's workshop and her work appears in Uncanny Magazine and assorted anthologies. She is represented by Caitlin McDonald of DMLA. You can find her at @ajhackwith on Twitter, ajhackwith.com, and other dark corners of the internet.

2 - 4 p.m.

Writing Tight But Epic: How to Make and Break Empires in 50,000 Words or Less

Epic--the word conjures up images of thick spines, 1000-page tomes, and authors who spend decades perfecting their endless, ongoing tales. Also, for new authors, it conjures up images of frowning agents who say, "I want something shorter"--or, if you're a natural short writer, readers who say "the world didn't feel big enough."

Can you write an epic space opera, horse opera, goblin opera, or anything operatic at novella or even short story length? Spencer Ellsworth, author of the Starfire novellas from Tor.com, and recovering tome-addict, will teach you through a little lecture, and a lot of short exercises, how to make something feel "epic" in a tight space.

Instructor: Spencer Ellsworth

Spencer Ellsworth is the author of the Starfire trilogy, which begins with Starfire: A Red Peace, and the forthcoming Victorian fantasy The Great Faerie Strike, coming Spring 2019 from Broken Eye Books. His short fiction has appeared in Lightspeed Magazine, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Tor.com. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and family, works at a small tribal college on an Indian reservation, and would really like a war mammoth if you've got one lying around.

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