Foolscap appreciates your help in making the convention safe, fun and trouble-free.


Please wear your badge in plain sight when you are in the hotel so you are clearly identified as a member of the convention.

Underage Members

Children under the age of 12 must be in sight of a parent or guardian at all times. Teens (12–18) must have a parent or guardian on the premises.

Parties and Alcohol

Party organizers are responsible for the impact of their parties (including noise) on the hotel. After 2 a.m., parties must operate behind closed doors. After two complaints — to the convention or the hotel — the party will be closed down. Alcohol is restricted to private parties. Washington State law prohibits serving alcohol to people younger than 21 — we recommend checking picture IDs if you are serving alcohol.


Before taking photos of any member of the convention, please ask their permission. If someone is wearing a ribbon on their badge that says "No Photography," do not take their photograph. If they are wearing a ribbon that says "Photos Okay," they are willing to have their photograph taken without being asked.

Harassment and Unacceptable Behavior

Foolscap strives to be a safe and welcoming place where everyone is respected, comfortable, and can be themselves. All members of the convention are expected to treat other members, hotel staff, and the general public with respect. For that reason we expect everyone to comply with our policy on unacceptable behavior.

In summary: If a person tells you “no,” your business with them is done. You need to obtain advance consent before discussing potentially offensive content. You are always free to ask someone to change the subject in your presence, no questions asked. If you experience or observe unacceptable behavior, please report it to a Listener, who will help you.