The Foolscap Bazaar adjoins the central Commons, making dealers and artists an integral part of the convention.

Art Show

Good art starts a conversation.
The Foolscap Art Show reflects our playful interests in science fiction, fantasy, comics and invention. We showcase good work, introduce new artists, and feature new material. Our art show features established talents in fantastic art alongside new creators, and we welcome a diversity of genres and media.

Most of the artwork is available for sale and many of the artists will be at the convention.

Interested in being part of the Foolscap Art Show? Check out our information for artists and contact us at with any questions.


Interesting things are inspiring. Books, comics, games, jewelry, artwork, clothing, costumes, and collectibles — our Dealers Room is a mix of familiar shops and new vendors. Express your playful creativity on your body and in your home and support local creators and businesses at the same time. If you hear about a must-read book at one of the panels or play a new game in the Commons on Friday night, chances are you'll be able to buy that book or game from one of our dealers.

Interested in selling at Foolscap? Check out our information for dealers and contact us at with any questions.

Past Dealers

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