We at Foolscap, and particularly I as Captain, want to thank all our members for coming and making it a great weekend. You brought energy, ideas, music and creativity, which made for a lovely weekend of conversations, recommendations, learning, and laughing. Special thanks to Judy and Beth who brought the comfortable chairs for our commons. If you missed your chance to color our program art, the link is here: Foolscap cover art.

Foolscap 2019 Feb 1-3. Put Us On Your Calendar!

Foolscap 2019 will run from Feb 1-3, 2019 in the Hilton Seattle Airport. You heard it here first! (We'll update the web site ASAP.)

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Applause For GoH Seanan McGuire

Seanan brought the spirit of Foolscap to her panel and participation. Her masterful story telling brought us to tears of
laughter and amazed us with the depth of research, education, and legendary book collection that goes into each book. The
singing was an extra bonus that she shared with us.

"My fears of cat-transmitted bubonic plague have been put to rest." Beth Mitcham

"My nighttime routine now includes Megaraptor perimeter checks before bed." Douglas Beal

Signed: Foolscap Captain and First Officer, Beth Mitcham and Douglas Beal

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