Foolscap 2021 Will Be Virtual

Hello Foolscapians,

We were fortunate that Foolscap 2020 landed before the Pandemic exploded. Unfortunately we are now in the middle of the Pandemic, and the only safe way forward is with a virtual convention.

A virtual Foolscap will be very different, but with your participation I'm confident we can bring Foolscap into the future

I miss y'all,

Douglas Beal, Foolscap 2021 Captain

Sad News

Foolscap is sad to announce the loss of Amy Carpenter (AmyCat), who has been Foolscap’s main bookseller for many years. She passed away in mid-November.

Based in Oregon, AmyCat was part of the dealers rooms at LosCon, Orycon, Norwescon, Westercon, and other West Coast Conventions. She was known for featuring the works of emerging writers and for taking books from indie publishers and small publishers on consignment. In short, she contributed tremendously to the community. As Alys Meghan Cattwyn she was also a member of the SCA, where she was renowned for her work in sewing. It is difficult to imagine a Foolscap without AmyCat’s booth in the corner.

Participate in 2021 Programming

The first virtual Foolscap (Feb. 12-14) is scheduling panels. Send your ideas, and your proposed panelists and other details to:

Open Convention Committee Meeting for Programming

Meet with the Convention Committee Sunday, Jan. 17th 3:00 pm PST on Zoom to plan the convention. Here’s how:

Next Foolscap Thursday Event

We’ve been having a great time with panels and games. Next up: Games! Join us on discord Thursday, Dec. 10th from 7:00 - 8:00 P.M. PST for more Jackbox games.

Head to this invite link to join Foolscap’s Discord server: