Foolscap is a new kind of convention. We bring together writers, artists, fans, thinkers and makers to create a weekend-long conversation about the things that excite us. Everyone is interesting at Foolscap. By bringing together a community of diverse interests and experiences, we make a space where we all learn from each other.

Foolscap's guiding principles are the "Four 'B's":

Belonging Bridges
Brains Bravery


We believe ideas make the best toys. We take them apart to see how they work, and put them together in new, better ways.

What ideas do you want to explore?


We come together to form a community. We share food and conversation, stories and books. We welcome you to join us.

What makes you feel at home?


We connect communities by giving them a place to show their most interesting side. Foolscap fosters the unexpected connections that help communities grow.

Who are you hoping to meet?


We take risks along the way to making things better. If we've been doing something well for years, then it's time for us to try to do it better. We may stumble, but we'll always learn.

How would you make a better community?

Our philosophy shapes our convention. Find out how.

We're having a . . .

mini foolscap!

Sunday, July 23 2:30 – 5 p.m.

Renton Library Meeting Room

It's fun to talk with friends – let's have a meet-up!

We're having a Mini-Foolscap at the Renton Library meeting room, in downtown Renton over the Cedar River.

At the start, we'll talk about anything new or interesting we've read, seen, or done; and then we'll decide on what we'll talk about next.

Bring a friend who has never quite understood what you do at that Foolscap Thing! We'll have light refreshments to keep the conversation going. And rumor has it there will be a door prize!
Best part? It's free!

We want to hear your voice at Foolscap. To join us, you just need a membership to the convention.

Your membership makes you a part of Foolscap; your support keeps the conversation going. What will you shape Foolscap into?

We can't wait to find out.
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