Oyez, oyez, oyez!

No longer are you required to spend your weekday nights home alone. You are cordially invited to join Foolscap staff for a night of virtual party games Thursday, Sept. 24th from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. PDT on our brand new Discord server.


Discord! It’s a text and voice chat service that’s more flexible and allows a more persistent community than a dedicated videoconferencing tool like Zoom. And we’re looking to open it up to our community — which is to say, you — with an icebreaker social event.

What kind of games?

We possess, in our jester’s-gloved hands, many Jackbox Party Packs of trivia deduction and bluffing games well suited to online play. There will be typing. There may be drawing. There will almost certainly be tomfoolery and arcane knowledge of questionable utility.

I’d love to join! What do I need?

I’m glad you asked! For the chat room itself you’ll need a Discord account and a web browser (or Discord’s own app), plus a microphone and/or camera if you wish. You will also need a second browser tab or a separate web-capable device for playing the games. (The main instruction and scoring screen will be shown in the Discord channel but you won’t be able to interact with it. It is, as they say, For Display Purposes Only.)

Sounds great! How can I get a Discord account?

Visit https://discord.com/app (or just https://discord.com and click “Open Discord in your browser”) for signup instructions.

I got one! (Or I already had one.) Now what?

Head to this invite link to join Foolscap’s Discord server:

You can do that at any time.

The night of the event you’ll visit https://jackbox.tv with your second device and enter your player name and an as-yet-unknown lobby code so the game knows you’re playing with us.

(For those of you new to Discord, we’ve prepared a quick intro to its videoconference settings here: Discord Overview .)

So it’s at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday?

Correct! That’s when we’ll all gather on Discord in the General voice channel. You may want to show up a few minutes early to test your audio/video settings one last time. Then we’ll break out the games and let the merriment commence.

Games stress me out. Do I have to play?

Not at all! You are welcome to join the channel and just shout encouragement, or wander back to the Commons channel for some text chat in a quieter atmosphere. But it would be fun to “see” you!